December 9, 2014 in Tim's Life

Check out Tim Rose live performance of “Struck By Lightning” on HNL Radio

KTUH Monday night live performance of Tim’s original song, “Struck By Lightning”. Check it out and make sure to follow Tim Rose on soundcloud! ALOHA


December 6, 2014 in Home

Tim Rose covers Michael Jackson’s “Way you Make Me Feel” live

Check out this live recording of Tim looping with his Digitech Jam Man Stereo and Vocalist Live pedals. This was performed on Monday Night Live at KTUH radio in Honolulu. Nothing is pre recorded or quantized (for all you audio heads out there). He performs everything in real time. Links to Tim Rose ‘s youtube and soundcloud are at top of the page so you can see this and other live performances.

December 5, 2014 in Home

KTUH Monday Night Live Performance 12/1/14 Tim Rose

Aloha Everyone!

As I prepare to launch my 2015 album kickstarter, I thought it would be a good idea to get on the airwaves and let some people know. I headed to see my good friends at and gave them a performance on their Monday Night Live show. I had a ton of fun and even recorded some of it on my go pro. I think I have surfed with it too much, though, because some of the video was corrupt. Anyhow– Here’s a link to a Bill Withers cover I did– and if you haven’t subscribed to the youtube and soundcloud channels– get on it! More soon– Aloha, Tim Rose


August 9, 2013 in Home

Tim Rose newest youtube video — “Good to be Bad”

Check out Tim Rose’s  New Video on Youtube– and original song called “Good to be bad”

You meet someone you want to, well, talk to. All night. You try to behave yourself but you’re finding it difficult to act like a gentlman/woman. Wouldn’t it be easier to just throw politenss to the side and get freaky? This song is for you.