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Since 2008, Hawaii’s island of Oahu has been cultivating Tim Rose and his music. Based in Honolulu, Tim has played worldwide– from Bach’s hometown of Leipzig to crowded Cafes in China. He was chosen as a performer at the largest songwriting conference in the world– the ASCAP Music Expo in Hollywood, CA in 2014. He was even crowded Hawaii’s most beautiful man in 2010. 
Tim, with the help of his loyal fans, funded a successful Kickstarter for his debut full length album, releasing in June! Here are some of his words on the vision for the project:

“There is something timeless about a stripped down, raw, organic production style. From Bill Withers’ first record, to Jack Johnson’s first record, to the John Mayer trio record, I know there is something special in keeping the message simple. No frills– just well written, well played songs. This is what I want to do. Something funky you can dance to when you first wake up. Bluesy songs you can blast in traffic on the way home. Powerful songs that, I hope, will inspire you to be a better version of yourself. I want to make those songs and share them with you.”